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Your Future Gets Written Today

The above quote (which is taken from a “Beady Eye” song) more or less sums up which

direction your health is heading. It’s the difference between active longevity versus chronic

disease. “Epigenetics” is the ability to have a direct input on your body cells by the things that

YOU do. You do not need to use the excuse that you have “bad genes” and poor health is

inevitable. If you pay attention to a few basic things, it can make a world of difference in your

quality of life and longevity.

I believe that you should “Start With Your Feet” for Wellness. That means sensible shoes

plus “orthotics” so your biomechanical foundation will be solid. Let's take a look at some things

that will help you write a bright future for yourself:

1. Nutrition- decrease your intake of white flour (found in bread, pasta, pastries)....drink as

much “reverse osmosis” or distilled water from a glass or stainless steel container as you

can (the majority of your body is water and it needs large amounts to function efficiently at

the cellular level)....add a touch of lemon or lime juice to alkalize your cells, which wards

off disease....increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, but be aware that the majority

should be organic due to pesticide content (if diabetic, be prudent with the fruits)…don’t be

afraid to eat healthy fats like olive oil, coconut oil, avocado/guacamole, nuts.

2. Exercise- I prefer “high intensity interval training” (“HIIT”) for my aerobic workout which

allows shorts spurts of high intensity followed by a recovery period.... the key is to do 8-9

fast speed/slow speed intervals no longer than 20 seconds then 15 seconds on the fast

speed (with a 1 minute slow speed recovery after each burst)....the whole workout should

only last 12 minutes enabling you to fit it in more regularly into your schedule....going to

the gym at least once a week to do full body strength-training....I recommend having a

personal trainer initially show you the proper techniques for your particular gym

equipment....daily stretching exercises are also important to maintain flexibility and

prevent injuries.

3. Supplements- I recommend “Purified Fish Oil” or “Krill Oil” in order to get the necessary

omega-3 oils that your body cannot manufacture....these oils reduce inflammation and aid

cellular repair....”Probiotics” are the healthy bacteria that inhabit your gut and play a vital

role in the majority of your immune system....Vitamin D3 which plays a role in many

systems in the body including lowering your chance of developing osteoporosis and

increasing your immune system ….CoQ10 is important in supplying energy to your cells for

proper advised that all supplementation should be done under a doctor's

care…don’t forget, the safety profile of supplements and vitamins are FAR SUPERIOR to

synthetic prescription drugs…that is why I am a “Holistic Podiatrist”.

4. Stress Management- having a positive and “be caj” (“be casual”) attitude…doing deep

breathing exercises to stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system and help you

decompress quickly (the opposite of the “fight or flight” effect)...taking an after-dinner

leisurely walk (take your dog if you have one)....daily ”High Intensity Interval Training”

releases feel-good endorphins and has a calming effect…listen to your favorite

music…having healthy relationships with significant others, family and friends.

5. Supportive Shoes- a firm heel “counter’ is a must…this is the area behind the heel…this

helps give foot stability…lace/Velcro closure…removable inner soles…thumb’s width from

longest toe to end of shoe

6. Orthotics- “Eyeglasses for your feet”…put the right foundation under your feet with a

material that matches your foot-type and medical history…”Doc Rick’s Orthotics”…prevents

injuries…promotes foot stability…may lessen lower back problems

Be proactive with your health so when “your future gets written today” it will be a bright one!

Walk Strong…with orthotics,

Doc Rick DPM

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