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Take a walk with Doc Rick down a path to wellness.  He will show you how to achieve good health

with a holistic and biomechanical approach via his “Start With Your Feet” lifestyle.


If you would like to book an appointment or teleconsultation with Doc Rick please call 

(954)526-5800 or email

Thank You

Group Webinar Virtual Lectures


1 hour ($5000)- Start With Your Feet-A Lifestyle- talk about the 6 pillars of SWYF: Supportive Shoes, Doc Rick's Orthotics, Exercise featuring "Interval Training", Organic Nutrition, Vitamins/Supplements, Stress Management

30 minutes ($2500)- Choice of the following:


A) The Wellness "Hat-Trick"- Supportive Shoes, Doc Rick's Orthotics, Doc Rick's Rx for Interval Training


B) "Walk Strong and Live Long"-Interval Training lecture


C) "Walk Strong for Weight-loss"- Interval Training plus key tips for weight-loss

#StartWithYourFeet | Holistic Podiatrist | Hollywood Florida

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