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This economical "starter" orthotic is designed to give balanced support with a flexiable material that is easy to tolerate. It has a "default" prescription included to improve function. The recommended shoe for this is any lace/velcro closure with a firm counter (lower rear) and an easily-removable inner sole so you can "swap" them out for your orthotics.


Note: If you have a very flat foot or significant deformaties contact Doc Rick for either an office vist or teleconsultation to get "Doc Rick's Customized Orthotics."


SHOE SIZE HINT: Please use your "smallest dress shoe size" when answering this question...however, they are NOT made for dress shoes...they are made for shoes with laces/velcro closure and can be used on top of the original shoe inner sole OR with it removed. 


#StartWithYourFeet | Holistic Podiatrist | Hollywood Florida


Doc Rick's Orthotics

  • Our goal is to offer the highest quality affordable orthotics to help you walk in comfort and also aid in protecting your joints. Orthotics are not a “cure-all”. Even though most of our patients love their “Doc Rick’s Orthotics”, it is possible that you may not tolerate them. If the orthotic is “too long”, “too short”, “too high in the arch” or “too firm,” then please see our shipping & returns terms.


    Because of the numerous factors that play into both comfort and discomfort, we cannot guarantee that our products will reduce your discomfort, but we have found that the vast majority of our patients are happy with both their device AND the economical price.

    To have your orthotics "customized" for your foot-type, go to the "Book Online" tab to schedule a teleconsultation with Doc Rick. There is an additional charge for this product as opposed to the "Doc Rick's Sensitive Orthotics". 

    Keep on walking and running strong!


    #StartWithYourFeet & Walk Strong/Run Strong,

    Doc Rick/Dr. Richard J. Rimler, DPM

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