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Ask Doc Rick

Our in-house #StartWithYourFeet Holistic Podiatrist

To have your orthotics “customized” for your foot-type, go to the “Book Online” tab to schedule a teleconsultation with Doc Rick. There is a higher price for this device. Walk strong!


This model is for the majority of patients including those with mild lower back issues.


The recommended shoe for this is any lace/velcro closure with a firm counter (lower rear) and an easily-removable inner sole so you can "swap" them out for your orthotics.


SHOE SIZE HINT: Use your DRESS shoe size rather than SNEAKER size for better chances of a good fit

Doc Rick's Orthotics

  • Since all products are “custom-made”, we cannot give refunds. However, if you encounter a problem, email me at and I will make a replacement pair for only my lab cost plus tax AND shipping.

    We cannot guarantee that our product will reduce your discomfort, but we have found that the vast majority of our patients are happy with their device and the economical price. Please note that these orthotics have prescriptions built-in that will make your foot more stable and are the SAME quality that I dispense to the patients in my office. 

    Walk Strong and Live Long!



    Doc Rick/Dr. Richard J. Rimler, DPM

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