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Let Your Feet Say “It’s Good To Be The King”

In the movie ”History of the World, Part One”, the Mel Brooks character, “King Louis”, likes to keep saying "It's good to be the king". I want people to put on their orthotics, and for their feet to say the same thing!

Placing a pair of “orthotics” (prescription arch-supports) into a pair of good-fitting, supportive shoes can make that happen. Orthotics enable the back, middle AND front of your foot to be aligned better to the ground. You will then be able to walk stronger. From there hopefully you can then run stronger and incorporate “High Intensity Interval Training”/”HIIT” (short bursts of high intensity exercise with rest periods in between) into your daily activities. You will then greatly enhance your overall health and wellness. Of course it all starts with your feet being in a good place: supportive shoes and “orthotics”. This will then allow your feet to say to you: "it's good to be the king”.

Climb aboard the “Wellness Wagon” by remembering to “Start With Your Feet”.

Walk strong,...with orthotics,

Doc Rick DPM


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