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Modified HIIT for Infirmed Patients

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Hey now! Doc Rick here, with Start With Your Feet health tip. Many of my patients have chronic diseases and cannot tolerate too much in regards to aerobic exercise. No worries, here's my prescription for modified HIIT, which stands for high intensity interval training. Get yourself a floor bicycle pedal and put it in front of a sturdy chair. Then start by doing a fast bicycle pedal for 15 seconds, followed by a minute or more of rest in between. Do this six times. Typically I have patients do 20 seconds, but in this case, it is 15 seconds. Then for the final three fast intervals, pedal fast for 10 seconds, and then a minute or longer of rest in between. Do those final three at a faster speed. So the final ones are 10 seconds, rather than 15 seconds. You have now done a total of two minutes of the fast segments, which is all that you need to get the enhanced physiologic benefits of this form of HIIT. This modified technique will give you a realistic chance to improve your health no matter the circumstances. Until next time, stay in the game and keep on walking and running strong.


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