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Let Your Feet Go to Eleven!

In the movie, “This is Spinal Tap”, Christopher Guest’s character, "Nigel Tufnel” points to his amplifier and proclaims that it “goes to eleven”…which is “one louder” than ten. I want people to point to their feet and proclaim that they go to eleven as well! How do we do that? Let's begin with some good fitting supportive shoes (with laces or Velcro and firm in the back). Then, let's add some “orthotics” (prescription arch-supports). Now you’re ready to get moving! The longer that you can wear supportive shoes and orthotics during the day, the better chance your feet have of “going to eleven”. So not only do I propose that people should where their supportive shoes and orthotics when they exercise but try to also wear them at work and for your daily living activities as well. They are really helpful when shopping too. For the ladies, I recommend a nice sturdy platform sneaker with removable innersoles to accommodate your orthotics. I don't know if these exist, however. So instead, look into “dress sneakers” that suit your fashion sense. You can also look for a deep ankle boot that can accommodate your orthotic without having to remove the inner sole.

In closing, let your feet “go to eleven” by remembering to “Start With Your Feet”!

Walk Strong…with orthotics,

Doc Rick DPM


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