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Don’t Treat Your Feet Like “Lukewarm Water"

In the movie “This Is Spinal Tap”, Derek Smalls (the bass player) proclaims himself to be the” lukewarm water” between the band’s two “visionaries“ (who are like “fire” and “ice”): Nigel Tufnel and David St. Hubbins. I prefer to align myself with David St. Hubbins since he was named after the Patron Saint of “Quality Footwear”. That simple concept will enable you to really take your shoes seriously! They must be comfortable, hold your foot well and allow you to “play the piano with your toes”. Don't forget to make sure it’s stylish and also has a removable innersole! This way you can replace it with your own “orthotic”.

The foundation for my holistic podiatric “vision” relies on proper shoes and orthotics. From there, I prefer that we deal with painful foot and ankle conditions by using natural anti-inflammatories rather than “NSAIDs”. If given a choice, would you rather take an “NSAID” ( like” ibuprofen”) that can cause a stomach ulcer, high blood pressure, gluten-sensitivity and kidney damage if taken long-term? Or would you rather take a natural supplement that relieves your pain with minimal side effects?. One example is “curcumin” (the spice in “curry”). Remember that even non-prescription supplements should be taken under a doctor’s supervision, as curcumin is contraindicated in patients on blood-thinning meds. It also need to contain an ingredient (Bioperine or Fenugreek) to help it enter the cells so it can work.

So do yourself a favor and try NOT to treat your feet like" lukewarm water". Be a” visionary” and start with good shoes (favored by “David St Hubbins”) and orthotics....that’s why my motto is "Start With Your Feet".

Walk strong…with orthotics,

Doc Rick DPM

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