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"Don't Forget To De-Stress In the Evening"

Everyone seems to be "stressed-out" these days. With a hectic work and family schedule plus not enough sleep, we have become a "stressed-out" population. If you don't believe me, just observe the way people drive and the lack of etiquette on the road. So how can you "de-stress" yourself at the end of a long day? Here are a few tips: 1. Take a leisurely walk- Either before or after dinner, take a walk with yourself, a loved one or a dog if you have one. Make sure you put your phone away and try to notice the birds, trees and the sky (I like the sunset colors in the sky, personally). 2. Friend and Family time- Spend a little quality time with your immediate family, friends and neighbors... This bonding is good for your soul. 3. High Intensity Interval training (“HIIT”) - If you want to "up the intensity" after a long, hard day, consider a quick "interval" session either on land, bike, water or exercise machine. Remember that you only need 8-9 fast "intervals" (no more than 20 seconds) with rest periods in between. You work-out should be less than 12 minutes. This will release endorphins (natural "well-being" neurotransmitters) and induce a calm overall feeling. 4. Eat licorice- As long as you are not diabetic, a little all-natural licorice (no red dye #40!) is a sweet evening stress-reducer and adrenal gland aid. 5. Deep breathing exercises- Take a deep breath (make sure your chest rises), hold it and slowly exhale. Doing this activates your involuntary nervous system and gives a calming effect. A few breaths is all you need. In conclusion, it is very important to keep stress levels down for your overall health and wellness. Stress is something that you cannot escape from in life. The key is learning how to deal with it and not let it overwhelm you. A great tip I can recommend is to say to yourself: “How can this perceived bad event benefit me?”.

Try to use comfortable yet supportive shoes and “orthotics” on your "de-stressing” exercise excursions. Climb aboard the “Wellness Wagon” and remember to "Start With Your Feet". Walk Strong…with orthotics, Doc Rick DPM


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