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Can I Go Barefoot In My House?

Let’s face it, many people like to go barefoot inside their home. It is reminiscent of your younger days and it also is a way to "air out" your feet. So is it ok to do this? Here are a few instances when it is NOT advised:

1. If you have poor circulation- A small injury or break in the skin can lead to big problems. Visit your podiatrist or internist to find out if you have poor circulation.

2. If you have "neuropathy" (nerve dysfunction) - When you have a loss of sensation in your feet, you can end up with a problem and not even know it! Always look at the bottom of your feet daily (hold them up to a mirror) to recognize a potential problem earlier rather than later. Visit your podiatrist or internist/neurologist to find out if you have neuropathy.

3. If you are a diabetic- This condition can lead to diminished circulation and nerve function, as well as weakening your immune system (which makes it harder to fight off infections). Get regular physicals at your internist to check for diabetes.

4. If your feet or ankles hurt- A good sneaker or walking shoe is advised to give your feet more support and motion-control. Use a high-top sneaker if your ankle is injured. Visit a podiatrist if pain persists more than a few days.

A few conditions in which a sandal or barefoot is appropriate are "athletes foot" (fungus),"hyperhydrosis" (sweaty feet) or if you banged your toe badly. If you want to give your feet a safer "airing-out", I recommend a sturdy hiking sandal with a heel strap/mid-foot strap to give more support.

Don’t forget to "Start With Your Feet".

Walk Strong…with orthotics,

Doc Rick DPM


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