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 Doc rick's ORTHOTICS

Doc rick's "sensitive Foot" ORTHOTICS

Scroll down to choose the perfect Orthotic for you. 

"Keep on Walking and Running Strong" with Doc Rick's Orthotics

Patient  Care

is accessible for everyone, no matter where you live, via Teleconsulting.

#StartWithYourFeet | Holistic Podiatrist | Hollywood Florida

Go to BOOK ONLINE and choose a care package that best suits your needs. Don't know what you need? We can help you figure that out.

Why Use Orthotics?

"Our line of orthotics are better than the typical "over the counter" orthotics in stores or online, due to their built-in prescriptions. They balance, support, and cushion your  feet at work and play. 

Try a pair today!"

Ask Doc Rick


Our in-house #StartWithYourFeet Holistic Podiatrist

Not sure which one to buy? Doc Rick is ready to answer your questions and show how his line of orthotics can help you.

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