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It's the Inflammation, Baby!

Let's get right to the point...inflammation is the number one cause

of the majority of chronic non-infectious disease (such as heart disease,

hypertension, diabetes, Alzheimers etc.). So if you want to stay

healthy, you must keep inflammation down in your body. For example,

the simple act of regularly flossing your teeth will reduce your chance of

chronic inflammation of the gums. Without this inflammation, your

body is then able to respond to events in other parts of the body (heel

pain, for example) and fight them off before they become a problem.

One of the best ways to reduce inflammation in your body is to drink

plenty of water throughout the day. Another excellent inflammation-

fighter is the use of “probiotic” supplements. These are the “healthy

bacteria” that line your gut and they happen to control the majority of

your immune system. Certain natural supplements such as Fish Oil,

Garlic and Curcumin are also inflammation-busters. Please note that

there can be drug interactions between these supplements and blood-

thinning medications (like Aspirin or Coumadin), so seek medical advice

before their use.

If you keep inflammation down in your body, you will have a better

chance of walking around without pain. Don't forget to wear

comfortable shoes and “orthotics” to enhance your walking!

Walk Strong...with orthotics,

Doc Rick DPM


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