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Help...I've Fallen Off the "Wellness Wagon" and I Can't Get Up!

Before you "fall off" the "Wellness Wagon", I first want to invite you to "get on" the wagon in the first place! Getting "on board" requires a lifestyle change and is a marathon, not a sprint. So the first thing to do is make the commitment to a "wellness lifestyle", which in my opinion, "starts with your feet". That means getting an appropriate foot evaluation by a podiatrist to get set-up with proper shoes and “orthotics”. Next is incorporating some basic strategies on Exercise, Nutrition, Supplements and Stress Management. For example, I recommend "High Intensity Interval Training" (“HIIT”) when it comes to aerobic exercise. By doing a few short and fast "intervals" and limiting the time that you spend doing it, you are more likely to incorporate it into your daily routine. This can be done on land, on a bicycle, in the pool or on an exercise machine. I prefer to start my day with a few outdoor sprints which helps energize me throughout the day. It also gives an added benefit of "burning fat" during the next 12 hours after your workout (rather than burning it during the workout, such as what occurs in a traditional 30-40 minute time span). It's also nice to not have that "hanging over my head" when I get home from the office.

So what happens if you are trying to eat right and you get the urge for a slice of pizza (made with white flour, which increases inflammation in your body)? Go for it! Just try to get back to eating healthy on your next meal. You can also look for a shop that sells gluten-free or cauliflower crust pizza (or you can make your own). Don't get down on yourself if you haven't been able to exercise today due to various reasons. Let tomorrow’s sunrise give you a fresh chance to get back on the "Wellness Wagon". I believe that "your future gets written today", so by climbing aboard the "wagon”, you are setting yourself up for a healthier and more active life. You will then lower your chances of having chronic health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Join me on board the "Wellness Wagon" by taking the first step and remembering to “Start With Your Feet". Happy trails!

Walk Strong…with orthotics,

Doc Rick DPM

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