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Health, Love and Money

A dear patient of mine who was a college finance

professor once told me that the three most important things in

life in order of importance are: “health”,followed by “love”

,followed by “money”. At the top of “health” is “wellness”. I

believe that you should “start with your feet” for wellness, so

you need to give your feet “top” priority (although they are

“below” you!). I would like everyone to consider what your

feet can do for you if you treat them well. By placing your feet

in comfortable shoes and adding an “orthotic”, you will

improve your ability to engage in daily living activities. From

there, you will want to add the ability to exercise in order to

“stay fit” or to “get fit”. Then add in some key supplements

and vitamins, an organic diet and some stress management

techniques. Now you are on your way to lowering your

chances of getting chronic conditions such as high blood

pressure, diabetes or heart problems and living longer with

vitality. That is why my motto is “Start With Your Feet”.

Walk Strong...with orthotics,

Doc Rick DPM


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