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Do You Know Your Foot-type?

“Knowledge is good”. That is the motto of the fictional “Faber

College” in the movie “Animal House”. So it is in your best interest to

learn what kind of foot-type you have. There is a big difference

between a foot that is “flat” versus one that is “rigid”. Those kiosks

that you see at the stores claim that they can fit you with a “custom-

orthotic” when you step on a foot-print plate. There is much more to it

than that! Medicine is an art just as much as it is a science and you

can't produce a balanced foot until you have a lower extremity exam

performed. A suitable orthotic is then determined. By the way, there is

much more to an orthotic than just “supporting the arch”. A good

orthotic should be a comfortable material that balances the back and

front of the foot. The kiosks can't do that with their products.

I encourage health-conscious persons to make an appointment

onsite or online to have a “foot wellness exam”. The end result will be

gaining “knowledge” of your foot-type. This will enable you to know

what type of shoes to purchase. You can add even more foot stability

with an orthotic, so you will be able to walk and exercise with optimal

comfort and support.

Walk Strong...with orthotics,

Doc Rick DPM

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