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Achieve “Total Consciousness” With Your Feet

As the Bill Murray character, “Carl Spackler” stated in the movie “Caddyshack”, The Dalai Lama gave him

a tip that he would receive “total consciousness on his death he's got that going for him... which

is nice”. I would like people to achieve “total consciousness” while they are still alive and vibrant! I

propose that using “orthotics” can allow you to make that happen. When your foot is balanced in the front

and back with a contour for your arch, your foot will be aligned with the ground better. More contact with

the ground will result in the ability to "walk stronger". Once you have your walking optimized, you can

then start to incorporate regular "High Intensity Interval Training"(“HIIT”) into your schedule to get the

many benefits of aerobic exercise without spending a lot of time doing so (workouts should be LESS

THAN 12 minutes total time, with 8 to 9 fast intervals, and rest periods in between). Besides improving

your cardiovascular health, you will also be improving your mental health, thereby reducing your stress

levels. Now that you have reduced your stress and your feet are well-grounded, you can then look to

achieve “total consciousness” like Carl.

The “Wellness Wagon” is a place that requires your feet to be balanced in order to get started on the path

to better health. I believe that an orthotic can go a long way towards optimal physical and mental health.

So go ahead and give orthotics a try and discover that you should “Start With Your Feet” for “total


Walk Strong…with orthotics,

Doc Rick DPM


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