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Pay Close Attention To Your Feet

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Hey, now Doc Rick here with a Start With Your Feet, Corona virus health tip. I take my responsibility as a healthcare provider quite seriously. That is why I am still treating patients during the coronavirus pandemic. I feel that if I can keep my patients out of the emergency room and hospital, I am doing my job well. Two colleagues and friends of mine, Dr. Marjorie Ravitz and Dr. Rob Brows have alerted me to some Peatal manifestations of possible Corona virus infections in asymptomatic patients. They include various discolorations in the toes that can mimic vascular compromise or having toes with a rash like appearance that looks like chickenpox. What this means is that the foot can be a Canary in the coal mine and give us a heads up that the patient and all of their close contacts should be tested for the Corona virus as soon as possible. Remember that having these symptoms does not definitely mean that the patient has coronavirus, but it is showing up in many patients that are already hospitalized for it. The take home point is to pay close attention to your feet for possible Corona virus clues. Be safe, everyone. Until next time, keep on walking and running strong.

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