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Ankle High Boots For Ladies

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Hey, now Doc Rick here with a Start With Your Feet, health tip. When it comes to fashionable shoes for ladies, the big dilemma is to find something that is comfortable; that's not going to hurt their feet. So instead of using a pointy pump shoe or a loafer or slide shoe, I instead recommend an ankle high boot that is round or square toed firm behind the heel and some sort of closure, either a zipper, buckle or lace to try to get the foot and ankle more sturdy in the shoe. But by doing an ankle high boot, you can then get about an inch from your longest toe to the end of the shoe, you won't have to worry about coming out of the shoe like you would in a loafer and you will be more sturdy when you walk. You can even get an orthotic in there and then you're good to go. Looking good and feeling good. Until next time, keep on walking and running strong.

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