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Make America Healthy Again

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Hey, now Doc Rick here with a Start With Your Feet, health tip. If I were running for political office, my campaign slogan would be make America healthy again. Back in the day, we used to have jobs that involve physical labor and even in our spare time, we were doing a lot more activity and physical things. So today that's not the case, and what do we have? We have a society that's overweight and obese, and that leads to chronic morbidities, such as diabetes, heart trouble, high blood pressure, cholesterol problems. So my proposal is for everybody to get out there in the morning, Monday through Friday, before work or school and do your 12 minute session of high intensity interval training. And by doing that, you're going to be healthier and less chance of chronic problems that leads to a big drain on the health system and on yourself. Until next time, keep on walking and running strong.

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