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Do HIIT While In The Pool!

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Doc Rick (00:04):

Hey now, Doc Rick here with a Start With Your Feet health tip. I wanted to design a combination of high intensity interval training and weight training all in one for people that have certain medical issues and if they are just looking for a different kind of work at. So the idea that I have is as you go inside a pool in the shallow section and you do your intervals running in place and the shallow section, so you're incorporating the aerobic of high intensity interval training as well as some weight resistance training as if you were in the gym working with weights or bands. So this is especially good for people with arthritis problems, lower back issues, fibromyalgia, pain. So those kinds of situations, you might want to give it a try in the shallow section of the pool, and do your high intensity interval training right there. And see if you get some better results for less weight going through your body while you're doing it. Until next time, keep on walking and running strong.

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