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#StartWithYourFeet Signs First Ever Affiliate Agreement with FULL LIFE USA!

----For immediate release----

Dr. Richard J. Rimler, DPM has opened a new chapter for his #StartWithYourFeet Corporate Wellness Movement by signing the first ever Affiliate Agreement with Full Life Natural Health Products. As a Holistic Podiatrist, Dr. Rimler knows that the care he provides for feet is just the beginning, hence the name of his practice; #StartWithYourFeet.

This newly signed affiliate agreement will initiate media and community exposure, first by way of Industry Conference speaking engagements & trainings on Holistic Podiatry and Full Life USA products as well as a co-branded marketing and social media outreach campaign.

Dr. Rimler knows that beyond proper care for one's feet comes a variety of other requirements for overall wellness at home and in the workplace, one of those being vitamins and supplements. That is precisely why Dr. Rimler & Full Life Natural Health Products have teamed up by way of an affiliate agreement. This collaboration will allow Dr. Rimler to combine his proven methodology and training with proven products his clients can take home with them.

Full Life USA (Full Life Natural Health Products LLC) is a leader in the development, formulation and manufacture of nutritional supplements. For more than 20 years, the company has supplied Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Costa Rica, and the United States consumers with vitamins and special supplements that exceed both standards and expectations. Full Life will be the perfect "supplement" to the #StartWithYourFeet Movement!

COMING SOON as a result of this agreement are regular "Facebook LIVE" sessions with Dr. Rimler straight from the Full Life Stores here in South Florida. Stay tuned!

As always from the #StartWithYourFeet Team,

Walk strong…with orthotics,

Doc Rick ,DPM

#StartWithYourFeet | Holistic Podiatrist | Hollywood Florida

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