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LISTEN: Podcast Interview of #DocRick

Our good friend and fellow Wellness Advocate Dr. Simone was kind of enough to interview me on her wonderful MORE THAN MEDICINE Podcast.

Click HERE to listen

Here is a special message from her, to you!

________________________Message from Dr. Simone______________________________________

I am so very excited to share this podcast with you. As I promised in other episodes, I have some really great guests lined up. Their information is so impacting!

Today, I am eager for you to hear this interview I did with Doc Rick, one of the few holistic podiatrists in the United States. His information has already changed my life and I know it will do the same for you...and your patients!

More Than Medicine episode #26 showcases an important aspect of holistic medicine as well as a lifestyle modification that can help with weight loss, exercise endurance, improved cardiovascular health and all in only minutes a day!

The great part is that Doc Rick shares how he has incorporated his holistic approach into his podiatric practice and also gives ways that all healthcare professionals can do the same!

Don't forget to share with a friend/colleague! Trust me this information is too good to keep to yourself.

Until next week, stay amazing!

"I will either see you AT the top, or FROM the top. You decide!"

Dr. Simone

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