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"Doc Rick's Orthotics"!

You are now "one step closer" to taking control of your health and to aging with grace and vitality. 



There are 2 types to choose from:

The "Doc Rick's Orthotics" are for the majority of people including those with flat feet, rigid feet and with mild lower back issues. 

The "Doc Rick's Sensitive Foot Orthotics" are for people who have "sensitive feet". That includes such things as moderate-severe

lower back issues (like herniated disc/ spinal stenosis),fibromyalgia, and

moderate-severe neuropathy

(numbness, tingling, burning)

that can come with  

pre-diabetes/diabetes, history of chronic alcoholism and history of chemotherapy/radiation. 



*Category Hint: If you have ever complained about an orthotic that was "too hard" choose the "Sensitive Foot" device.

*Shoe Size Hint: Please use your "smallest dress shoe size" when answering this question. However they are NOT made for dress shoes. They are made for shoes with lace/velcro closure and preferably with REMOVABLE INNER SOLES to prevent tightness. 

Once You Get Your Orthotic:

Take out the shoe's inner sole and place the orthotic inside. For the first week, just wear them around the house to acclimate to them. After 1 week, you can use them out of the house and when exercising. (Not swimming!)

If they get dirty: Use a baby wipe to clean them. Do not place them in the dishwasher or washing machine. 

If they get wet: Immediately take them out of your shoe and use a hair dryer or place them in the sun or garage

to dry.

If they are squeaky sounding: Apply corn starch (not talcum powder) to the bottom cover. 

If you do not have appropriate shoe gear: Take your new orthotics to a store (not online!) and remove the inner sole (unless it is glued into the shoe) and place them inside. Make sure the shoe is deep enough, long enough, and not too tight. If the shoe is roomy, you can place the orthotics on top of the existing inner sole. 

You are now ready to Walk & Run Strong!

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